Clearance work in the Wood

As a result of the significant clearance work carried out by contractors late in 2011, many vistas in the Wood have changed. Details can be found here. Although it may look rather like a waste land at present, it will mellow with regeneration as have previous areas dealt with in earlier years.

The most obvious change is on the right of the drive when entering the wood where 2 hectares of rhododendron has been cleared. Here is a view looking from the start of the Yellow Trail towards the entrance drive:-

The area between the Yellow Trail to the west of the picnic area and the Blue Trail ride has been opened up to recreate the original route of this north-south ride and the dangerous beech tree has been made safe:-

Further to the west, a new coppiced glade has been created between the two tributaries of Rowbourne Brook:-

At the ‘Six-Ways’ junction, the ride going north to Brook Glade, which was only partially widened during previous work, has now been widened at its north end:-

The same ride, going south from Six-Ways down to Grimes Brook has been widened and the area to the east made into an open glade:-

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