Old alignment of Yellow Trail now revealed

Work on the clearance work on the Yellow Trail just east of the bridge over Grimes Brook has included clearing the alignment of the old track which would have been used before the bridge was built over the brook. This has revealed the remains of culverts over the brook and another small channel to the east. It is known from old maps that this track was originally completely straight, being one of the major paths for the extraction of wood in the 19th century. In the photo below you can see the bridge to the right where the path eventually swings round to the left. To the left can be seen the cleared old alignment.

When approaching from the east, the clearance gives the impression that the path continues straight across the brook, as the bridge is virtually invisible; as is the path to it. (The bridge is marked by the blue arrow, in case you can’t spot it!)

The effect may be temporary however, as the trees to the left and right which restrict the width of the ride at this point are due to be removed in the next few weeks, making the whole area much more open.

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