Spring Walk

As I didn’t get to the work party yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to take a walk in the Wood today (Saturday). I decided to carry out the first butterfly transect of the year, but with a cloudy sky and temperature of 12°C, none were to be seen. However, there was still plenty to see and hear. As shown above, the first bluebells are now out in their traditional locations, along with other early spring flowers. I saw a Green Woodpecker along Middle Way and a nice view of a Buzzard in the grove of Sweet Chestnut trees at the end of the transect. The Nuthatches are very audible at this time of the year with their repeated peep-peep call. A cuckoo was heard in the plantations to the north of the Wood. After all the rain, the streams and brooks were in flood and the paths very muddy. Returning to the car park, a Willow Warbler was calling in the picnic area, a favourite place for this species for the last couple of years.  I made a mental note of several fallen trees across some of the minor paths – something for future work parties now that large scale clearance has ceased for the breeding season.

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