Friends Group AGM

This is to let you all know that the FoNGW AGM will now be on 21st April (and not the 14th  as previously planned). Location is The Plough at Cuffley and we start at 8pm.

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Recent activities

Last Sunday we completed the task of clearing away all the brash and debris from the SE part of the Yellow Trail that the Sherrards Park team helped us to fell. We also carried back 3 trailer-loads of mature oak for fuel.

Other recent work has featured the continued clearance of rhodi on the entrance drive. Below you can see where we have uncovered another metre of roadway, this time on the left as you drive in.

The wood is showing signs of spring. Below you can see cherry blossom appearing along the bridleway.

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Widening the entrance path

Over the last few sessions, we’ve been widening the entrance path where it has become restricted by overhanging rhododendron. In this first photo you can see work in progress and the overhanging rhodi is visible behind Eric (doing chainsaw duty in Howard’s absence).

During last Friday’s session, we continued the work and found that we could recover a metre of extra roadway which has been hidden for many years.

The view below shows the roadway after widening; the dark area shows where we have cleared and exposed the full width of the path.

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Yellow Trail clearance

Yesterday, Sunday 6th February we were assisted by our colleages from Sherrards Park Wood Wardens in the major task of widening the eastern arm of the Yellow Trail by clearing the trees between the path and the parallel bridleway. But first, Howard had to fell a large cherry to create a diversionary route for the public.

The assembled team in the morning was very impressive:

The team at work:

Three of the Sherrards Park team:

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Recent work

Not so much activity during the Christmas period, but here are two photos, one from the last working party before the break when we removed an old boardwalk, and the more recent Sunday work party when we burnt up all the rhodi brash from the clearance work done in the Summer of 2009.

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Yet more coppicing

The work on Middle Way seems to go on and on. Last Friday we continued (but still did not finish) the coppicing of some tall but spindly trees.

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Path widening and opening

Much of our work is widening paths within the wood, but we hadn’t bargained for the recent contractor work on the east end of Middle Way to block off an existing path. So the group had to clear away a very substantial pile of trees, brash and soil to reopen the path.

It now has a proper link into Middle Way:-

Then we set off to the other end of Middle Way to continue our work on widening and scallopping the area. Two Hornbeams had become fused together and were a challenge to bring down!

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Catch up!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here. We’ve still been active, pulling rhodi shoots and doing further clearance to widen Middle Way. Here’s one of the scallopped areas we’ve created – just compare with the photo further below from 11th September!

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A Bridge (not too far)

On Friday, we continued with the work on Middle Way, but found time to inspect and repair the small foot bridge on the Red Trail.

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More rain, but…

After Friday’ session splitting logs, this morning we ventured out to continue work on Middle Way. We stopped just before the rain becaome heavy. A lot of rain has fallen in recent days, as Rowbourne Brook was in full flood.

Here’s Howard felling a tree:-

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