Catch up!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here. We’ve still been active, pulling rhodi shoots and doing further clearance to widen Middle Way. Here’s one of the scallopped areas we’ve created – just compare with the photo further below from 11th September!

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A Bridge (not too far)

On Friday, we continued with the work on Middle Way, but found time to inspect and repair the small foot bridge on the Red Trail.

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More rain, but…

After Friday’ session splitting logs, this morning we ventured out to continue work on Middle Way. We stopped just before the rain becaome heavy. A lot of rain has fallen in recent days, as Rowbourne Brook was in full flood.

Here’s Howard felling a tree:-

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Rainy Day

We didn’t do too much outdoor work yesterday due to the heavy rain, but some birches on paths were dealt with. Clare repainted the sign for the ‘honesty box’ and we also assembled some equipment which had been waiting for such a day.

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Clearing dead birches from car park area

Our first attempt to clear the dead – and therefore potentially dangerous – birches from the car park area was on the evening of Monday 13th, but this was called to a halt by wasps which took an exception to their home being shaken up by the chain saw. Last Friday we returned and managed to fell the tree in question. Two other trees which needed felling were amongst the dense rhododendron and we had to hack our way through this to reach the trees in question. From the growth of bracket fungus, they seemed to have been dead for some years and so it proved to be. Given that both could have fallen onto the car park area, it was right to remove them. The photo below shows Howard working through the Rhodi with the dead tree visible in the centre.

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Middle Way widening

Yesterday we continued up Middle Way, clearing trees that are restricting the width of this ride and creating a ‘scallop’ clearance on the north side.

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Monthly work party

This being the first Sunday of the month, the Group was at work in the Wood again today. We continued Friday’s work on the NE corner of the Blue Route and west up Middle Way. A second team took the tractor and trailer to collect 4 loads of timber from around the wood back to the centre.

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Blue Trail Glade

Yesterday saw the group working on several areas of the western wide glade on the Blue Trail. The photo below shows the group, not resting, but standing clear while Howard felled a tree!



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Last Friday we finished clearing the second pond and then dealt with some clearance work on the blue route close to the ancient beech trees.

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Clearing the Second Pond

We had a good turn out of 7 members to assist opening up the second pond to let in more light. This was the pond before we started:-

Members of the group stop for coffee during a strenuous morning’s work.

The pond towards the end of the morning’s work. One felled tree still to be dragged away.

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