The Aspen is a member of the poplar family and its Latin name Populus Tremula or ‘trembling poplar’ refers to the characteristic fluttering of the leaves in the slightest wind. It can also propagate by underground suckers, which explains why aspen is almost always seen in clusters. The above cluster is on a scallop along Middle Way. The cluster below, which extends on both sides of the culvert, is at the north of the Blue Ride by the gate:

This group is also seen here in winter:

Other clusters can be found at the NW part of the car park, on the Yellow Trail going east and on the small minor path north west of the car park between the two arms of the Red trail.

The leaves of the aspen have a characteristic shape, though the leaves of new shoots are more pointed.

Another distinguishing feature of aspens is the grey bark which has diamond shaped lenticels. Older trees seem to have more traditional bark.

Bark of mature aspen.

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