Summer work

The Group has been engaged in several activities in recent weeks. One of the old Beeches close to the picnic area has lost several boughs in recent times and the group cleared up the fallen branches.

After clearance

We have also been carrying out vegetation transect monitoring, butterfly transect monitoring (see the butterfly page for pictures) and a tree survey designed to identify veteran trees in the wood and also unwanted blocks of rhododendron.

Vegetation transect at Brook Glade – it proved hard to set the right course given that the bracken is covering the intermediate markers (mostly tree stumps).

There are not many really old Oak trees in the wood, as they were commercially ‘harvested’, but some malformed trees were probably deemed not commercially useful and so survived:-

Old Oak on the Yellow Trail (western arm).

The survey has shown how many of the older trees are Beeches. As well as the well-known pair near the picnic area, there are many other old specimens, like this one adjacent to the County Camp:-

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