Notice to dog walkers

We appreciate that many visitors to the Great Wood Local Nature Reserve come not only to enjoy the wood and the walk, but also to exercise their dogs. Bye-law 9 of the Great Wood requires owners or those responsible to keep dogs under proper control at all times. Unfortunately, there have recently been reports of people and other dogs being attacked by uncontrolled dogs and in at least one case the owner was aware of a previous history of such problems. These incidents have been reported to the police.

If you own a dog which is known to be aggressive towards other people or animals, or you are uncertain about its temperament, it is essential that the dog be kept on a lead and/or muzzled at all times. You will appreciate that the wood is not permanently wardened or patrolled, so we would ask that all visitors to the wood report any inappropriate behaviour by dogs and their owners to the police by contacting them on 101.

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